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How to Protect Yourself and Your House from Earthquake

There is hardly anything that scares people more than the forces of Nature. What’s your first thought when you see photos of destructive earthquakes on some island far away? ‘We’re lucky it didn’t happen here.’ Unfortunately, no place on Earth is completely safe. Although you cannot avoid a terrible earthquake when it happens, there is something you can do to prevent great damage to your home, family and yourself. In the first section of this article, you will read about preparation measures that will minimize the damage to your home. Then, we’ll offer tips on how to protect yourself during and after an earthquake.

Preparing an Earthquake-Safe Home

Secure heavy objects and potential hazards. Do you have bookcases, shelves and other contents that are heavy enough to trap you or hurt you if they fell on you? Think about other items that could fall: TV, PC, microwave, blender, water heater… Keep everything in place with flexible nylon straps and buckles. Don’t forget to secure the kitchen cabinets; the doors can open during earthquakes, so the entire content will fall out. Your garage is full of potential threats. If all those shelves and tools started falling, your vehicles would suffer damage. You don’t want to find yourself in such place during an earthquake, since you would also be exposed to hazardous leaks and spills.

Have an emergency kit!

You should keep an emergency kit that provides 3-day supplies for you and your family. In addition to water, you should also store food that doesn’t have to be cooked or refrigerated. Add a flashlight, first aid supplies, blankets, prescription medications, cash, insurance policies, and everything else you consider important for your survival.

Impoving structure of the building

Check the structure of your building. Do you notice structures that are not safely attached to their foundations? Are there any weak walls? It doesn’t matter whether you are renting the place or you own it; you should do everything to make it as safe as possible in case of seismic activity.

How to Protect Yourself in Case of an Earthquake

Do not panic!

‘Stay calm’ is a useless advice to give, but you should at least try to react as safely as possible. Do not move towards the doors, windows, skylights, buildings, and other things that could fall and hurt you.

Find a shelter!

If you’re in your home, you can find shelter under the table or another piece of furniture that would protect you from falling objects. If you find yourself outdoors, move away from the buildings, electrical lines and trees, and go to an open area. If you are driving, control your vehicle carefully and bring it away from traffic. Don’t park under power lines, under bridges or near signs that could fall. Stay inside the vehicle. You can continue driving when the shaking stops.

Protect your head!

Once you find a safe position, lower your body, cover your head and neck with your arms (use a bag if you carry one) and stay like that until the shaking ends. Remember: you should not leave your shelter during the earthquake! What to Do After the Earthquake?

Get your survival kit!

If the damage in your home is serious, try to take your survival kit and leave the building after the earthquake. Aftershocks are always possible after the initial strike. If local authorities issue evacuation orders, follow them!

Repair the damage to your home

If the walls and other parts of your home suffered damage, repair it after the earthquake. Do not use the fireplace until you make sure the chimney is safe.

Take care of your family!

This is the time to remain calm and make sure everyone is protected. Check if anyone suffered injuries and use your emergency kit to attend them. If someone is seriously injured or trapped by a falling object, do not move them and ask for professional medical help. Remember to help people around you as much as possible. If a comforting word is all you can offer, it will be more than enough!

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The Excitement Never Ends! More Details on Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

Why did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux decide to throw such a surprise on everyone? The news hit everyone as a shock: the couple invited their closest friends to Justin’s birthday party, but the event was suddenly turned into a wedding. Howard Stern, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa Kudrow, and other celebrity guests were just as surprised as we all are. What did Jen wear? Who did her hair and makeup? Who organized the event? Was Courteney Cox really the maid of honor? What was Angelina Jolie’s reaction to this? Does Brad Pitt have regrets? What about the honeymoon? There is no end to the questions that keep coming up. Although Jennifer and Justin had already announced their plans to get married, people still counted on their right to see everything happen in front of their eyes.

A Calm Wednesday Turned into the Hottest Event of the Year

The lack of paparazzi on spot made things difficult for the media. We have to dig for information and rely on official (and less official) statements in attempt to find out what was really going on. The cake was enough to give a clue: it had two Muppet-like characters that presented the bride and the groom. The guests must have realized they were on a different kind of party when they finally saw the pastor walking into the scene. These are the facts we know: Courteney Cox was indeed the maid of honor, and Scott Campbell (Justin’s favorite tattoo artist) took the role of a best man. The scene of the party was marvelous, and the cozy little lounging areas added a touch of elegance in the setting. Few days after the wedding, the media finally got some of the most important details: what did Jen wear? Known for her simplistic, but sleek style, the actress went for an off-white classic dress that fitted perfectly on her toned body. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the pictures.

Bora Bora for the Newlyweds!

While the fans are still trying to deal with the impressions, Jen and Jason are spending their honeymoon in Bora Bora. That’s where they are celebrating Justin’s actual birthday, laughing about the trick they pulled on everyone they know. The speculations about Courteney Cox and Jason Bateman being present on the post-wedding holiday came to an end when Johnny McDaid tweeted that he and Courteney would be attending Lightbody’s show in L.A. on August 9. In all excitement, we mustn’t forget to pay attention to Jennifer’s mother, Nancy Dow Aniston, who was not one of the guests at the wedding party. The mother of the bride gave a statement for the Radar Online: “I think it’s wonderful! Anything I say about Jennifer is super supportive.” Nevertheless, we can’t help but notice the bitterness behind that statement, knowing the fact that Nancy was always harshly critical of Jen.

What’s Different?

No one has forgotten that this is not Jen’s first marriage. Who could compete with Brad Pitt, right? Well, she decided to do things differently this time. Jennifer and Brad’s big day was huge news; lots of photographs were taken and we were all bombarded with details. Yes, the scene was still packed with A-list guests this time, but Jennifer and Justin kept managed to keep things private and subtle. Well, at least Courteney Cox is a constant! To spice things up even further, the actress signed a $5 million contract for an Emirates Airlines advertising campaign. Jennifer Aniston has an extremely lovable character. It’s no wonder that her fans keep obsessing over this wedding. Everyone is expecting more details, so we hope we’ll get them soon!

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The Intrigue of Goosebumps

Among all upcoming movie releases, Goosebumps is the one that’s currently attracting the most attention. This movie, categorized as action, adventure and comedy, is expected to be launched in the USA on October 16th, 2015. The people of Jamaica and Malaysia will see the movie first (on October 14th), while the premieres in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Israel, Peru, and Uruguay are scheduled for October 15th. Until those release dates finally come, we are left with great expectations, few predictions, and an intriguing trailer.

Do We Know What to Expect?

If you grew up in the 90s, then you’ve probably heard of Robert Lawrence Stine – an American writer and producer whose horror fiction novels enjoyed huge popularity. With Goosebumps, he achieved the impossible: he wrote a successful series of horror fiction novellas for children. And our parents finally allowed us to read something awesome! There was a Canadian TV series adaptation of this story, but it would be safe to say that it wasn’t accepted that well by the fans of the books. Tim Burton was going to produce a film based on Goosebumps, but those plans were not brought to reality. After plenty of adaptations and changes, Columbia Pictures is finally launching this version that we cannot wait to see. This is a common question on public forums these days: do we know what to expect? Jack Black, as the leading star of the movie, is the center of the talk. There is one thing we can state for now: some will love the movie. Others will trash it, convincing us that the books are much better. If you have never read the books, let’s see if you like the brief plot: Zach Cooper, a teenager who just moved into a small town, meets Hannah and her father R. L. Stine, a writer who keeps ghosts and monsters trapped in his manuscript. Zach releases the evil from these manuscripts, so the team goes through a lot of trouble to put it back where it belongs. Remember: this is supposed to be a story for children, so base your expectations upon that fact.

The Trailer: Pretty Faces and Kid-Friendly Suspense

The official trailer is certainly amusing. Those who’ve read the book recognize the authentic plot, so the team probably decided to stick to Stine’s story as closely as possible. Odeya Rush and Dylan Minnette (who play and Hannah and Zach respectively) are certainly appealing to the eye. That might be a base for critique, since people are getting interested in seeing more “normal” actors in movies, so they are demanding Hollywood to lower its beauty standards. Well, Jack Black makes up for that part. The trailer sets a good foundation for our expectations. The monsters look great! It’s no wonder the book series fans expect this release to be the beginning of the next big franchise.

Should You Allow Your Kids to Watch It?

Absolutely! We already know what the story is all about, and it’s definitely kid-friendly. The trailer seems totally safe too; even the Snowman monster is cute. Don’t worry and plan to take your children to the movies in October. The movie is going to be spooky, but funny at the same time. Hopefully, your kids will be inspired to read the actual books after watching these actors in action. The author is part of the team that works on the movie, so we can anticipate an authentic story that’s great for both children and nostalgic grownups. Since the public is left with great expectations, we can only hope the movie lives up to them.

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Shark Attacks in the US

Are you frightened by the latest news about shark attacks in the US? Even the celebrations for the 4th of July were overshadowed by the incident at Surf City, when a 32-year-old soldier was bitten by a shark. The increased number of incidents creates tension among US citizens, who would like to enjoy their beach time without thinking about possibilities of such attacks. This fact will calm you down: Since the 1950s, the probability of suffering a shark attack on California beaches has declined by over 90%. Since these events have a low possibility of occurring, you should be more worried about drowning. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the sharks: they are here and they are dangerous.

Statistics: Where Do Sharks Want to Hang Out?

Florida’s beaches are really dangerous. The number of fatal attacks is relatively low: 11. However, the number of total attacks in Florida (717) is the highest one in the US. Hawaii is the second state on the list – the number of overall shark attacks is 136; 9 of them were fatal. This was where the last recorded shark attack in the US occurred. 65-year-old Margaret C. Cruse was killed by a shark while snorkeling in April 2015. The overall number of attacks in California is lower – 114; but the number of deaths is 10. The list continues with South and North Carolina, Texas, Oregon, and New Jersey. These numbers may seem scary, but don’t let the anxiety prevent you from enjoying the ocean. Marine ecologist Francesco Ferretti said that “a shark attack here is really a low probability event – you really have more of a chance to win the lottery than being bitten by a shark.”

Why Do Sharks Attack People?

Can’t they limit their food choices to fish and other residents of the ocean? Apparently, people are quite attractive for a hungry shark. The massive heat wave that occurred in mid-June this year is one of the possible reasons for the increased frequency in East Carolina of attacks. The warm weather attracted a great number of sharks to that area. Combine that fact with the massive flow of people on the beaches, and you’ll understand the recent incidents. George Burgess, the director of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of National History, named fishing piers as another possible reason for the increased frequency of attacks. People who swim close to these areas that attract sharks are exposing themselves to great risk. Mexico’s National Fishing Institute is investigating a rather morbid reason for the incidents: maybe sharks are developing a taste for humans.

How to Prevent Shark Attacks

The most important thing is to stay close to your group. Avoid swimming alone in shark-infested waters. A shark is more likely to attack you if you are alone. Remember: stay away from fishermen’s areas. The smell of places where people attract fish and clean their catch are very appealing for sharks. You injured yourself on the beach and you’re bleeding? Do not get into the water! Even a minor cut puts you at risk, since a shark can easily sense the blood from several feet away. These animals are mostly active during twilight hours and at night, so try to avoid getting into the water during these periods. If you happen to spot a shark from a distance, it is very, very important not to panic. Remain calm, quiet and still as much as possible. If you notice that the shark is approaching, swim as quickly and quietly as possible towards your group. If the shark marked you as prey, try to back up against rocks, boat, reef, or any other structure in your proximity. Hitting the shark on the tip of its nose is another way of forcing the shark to retreat. Hopefully, the animal won’t come that near for you to rely on that desperate method.

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