The Intrigue of Goosebumps

Among all upcoming movie releases, Goosebumps is the one that’s currently attracting the most attention. This movie, categorized as action, adventure and comedy, is expected to be launched in the USA on October 16th, 2015. The people of Jamaica and Malaysia will see the movie first (on October 14th), while the premieres in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Israel, Peru, and Uruguay are scheduled for October 15th. Until those release dates finally come, we are left with great expectations, few predictions, and an intriguing trailer.

Do We Know What to Expect?

If you grew up in the 90s, then you’ve probably heard of Robert Lawrence Stine – an American writer and producer whose horror fiction novels enjoyed huge popularity. With Goosebumps, he achieved the impossible: he wrote a successful series of horror fiction novellas for children. And our parents finally allowed us to read something awesome! There was a Canadian TV series adaptation of this story, but it would be safe to say that it wasn’t accepted that well by the fans of the books. Tim Burton was going to produce a film based on Goosebumps, but those plans were not brought to reality. After plenty of adaptations and changes, Columbia Pictures is finally launching this version that we cannot wait to see. This is a common question on public forums these days: do we know what to expect? Jack Black, as the leading star of the movie, is the center of the talk. There is one thing we can state for now: some will love the movie. Others will trash it, convincing us that the books are much better. If you have never read the books, let’s see if you like the brief plot: Zach Cooper, a teenager who just moved into a small town, meets Hannah and her father R. L. Stine, a writer who keeps ghosts and monsters trapped in his manuscript. Zach releases the evil from these manuscripts, so the team goes through a lot of trouble to put it back where it belongs. Remember: this is supposed to be a story for children, so base your expectations upon that fact.

The Trailer: Pretty Faces and Kid-Friendly Suspense

The official trailer is certainly amusing. Those who’ve read the book recognize the authentic plot, so the team probably decided to stick to Stine’s story as closely as possible. Odeya Rush and Dylan Minnette (who play and Hannah and Zach respectively) are certainly appealing to the eye. That might be a base for critique, since people are getting interested in seeing more “normal” actors in movies, so they are demanding Hollywood to lower its beauty standards. Well, Jack Black makes up for that part. The trailer sets a good foundation for our expectations. The monsters look great! It’s no wonder the book series fans expect this release to be the beginning of the next big franchise.

Should You Allow Your Kids to Watch It?

Absolutely! We already know what the story is all about, and it’s definitely kid-friendly. The trailer seems totally safe too; even the Snowman monster is cute. Don’t worry and plan to take your children to the movies in October. The movie is going to be spooky, but funny at the same time. Hopefully, your kids will be inspired to read the actual books after watching these actors in action. The author is part of the team that works on the movie, so we can anticipate an authentic story that’s great for both children and nostalgic grownups. Since the public is left with great expectations, we can only hope the movie lives up to them.

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