The Excitement Never Ends! More Details on Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

Why did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux decide to throw such a surprise on everyone? The news hit everyone as a shock: the couple invited their closest friends to Justin’s birthday party, but the event was suddenly turned into a wedding. Howard Stern, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa Kudrow, and other celebrity guests were just as surprised as we all are. What did Jen wear? Who did her hair and makeup? Who organized the event? Was Courteney Cox really the maid of honor? What was Angelina Jolie’s reaction to this? Does Brad Pitt have regrets? What about the honeymoon? There is no end to the questions that keep coming up. Although Jennifer and Justin had already announced their plans to get married, people still counted on their right to see everything happen in front of their eyes.

A Calm Wednesday Turned into the Hottest Event of the Year

The lack of paparazzi on spot made things difficult for the media. We have to dig for information and rely on official (and less official) statements in attempt to find out what was really going on. The cake was enough to give a clue: it had two Muppet-like characters that presented the bride and the groom. The guests must have realized they were on a different kind of party when they finally saw the pastor walking into the scene. These are the facts we know: Courteney Cox was indeed the maid of honor, and Scott Campbell (Justin’s favorite tattoo artist) took the role of a best man. The scene of the party was marvelous, and the cozy little lounging areas added a touch of elegance in the setting. Few days after the wedding, the media finally got some of the most important details: what did Jen wear? Known for her simplistic, but sleek style, the actress went for an off-white classic dress that fitted perfectly on her toned body. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the pictures.

Bora Bora for the Newlyweds!

While the fans are still trying to deal with the impressions, Jen and Jason are spending their honeymoon in Bora Bora. That’s where they are celebrating Justin’s actual birthday, laughing about the trick they pulled on everyone they know. The speculations about Courteney Cox and Jason Bateman being present on the post-wedding holiday came to an end when Johnny McDaid tweeted that he and Courteney would be attending Lightbody’s show in L.A. on August 9. In all excitement, we mustn’t forget to pay attention to Jennifer’s mother, Nancy Dow Aniston, who was not one of the guests at the wedding party. The mother of the bride gave a statement for the Radar Online: “I think it’s wonderful! Anything I say about Jennifer is super supportive.” Nevertheless, we can’t help but notice the bitterness behind that statement, knowing the fact that Nancy was always harshly critical of Jen.

What’s Different?

No one has forgotten that this is not Jen’s first marriage. Who could compete with Brad Pitt, right? Well, she decided to do things differently this time. Jennifer and Brad’s big day was huge news; lots of photographs were taken and we were all bombarded with details. Yes, the scene was still packed with A-list guests this time, but Jennifer and Justin kept managed to keep things private and subtle. Well, at least Courteney Cox is a constant! To spice things up even further, the actress signed a $5 million contract for an Emirates Airlines advertising campaign. Jennifer Aniston has an extremely lovable character. It’s no wonder that her fans keep obsessing over this wedding. Everyone is expecting more details, so we hope we’ll get them soon!

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